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We Were Druggged at Iberostar Paraiso Maya~

My husband and I stayed at Iberostar Paraiso Maya from 1-26-15 until 1-30-15. We are over cautious people, we travel safe. I have never worn jewelry, we don't carry cash when we travel, we don't over drink or cause a scene.

How could this have happened to us?

I will describe ourselves we have been married 13 plus years, we travel to Mexico every year to celebrate our wedding anniversary, we have five children, we are from the Mid West, I am in my 30's and my husband in his 40's, we are no stranger to alcohol not saying we are lushes, but we do go out for cocktails or even "downtown" every now and then, even celebrating many milestones in Las Vegas. We have drinks all summer long in the hot sun boating on the weekends, we do not use any type of illegal drugs, we are college educated, upper middle class, and we only stay at 5 star resorts.

I wanted you to know a little about us prior to me telling you what happened to us, I want you to know we are not the spring break crowd that goes to Mexico or the couple that never drinks and the sun gets to them. We are just like many of you, normal everyday United states citizens who choose to vacation in Mexico due to convenience and price.

We booked this trip two weeks prior to taking it, we are busy with kids, work and life and we did not want our annual anniversary trip to pass by never taken. So we scheduled it in between weekends of children's sporting events. We always book thru Apple Vacations (Amstar) and we have always used a travel agent.

The trip started out like any trip, we arrived at the hotel, went to lunch, the beach, had a Bahama Mamba or two, went to our room dressed up and went to dinner.

After dinner we went shopping in the shopping center at the resort, had a coffee and a crepe, purchased "shark tooth" necklaces for our sons and "Sea Shell" necklaces for our daughters, and finally after a long day of traveling went to bed around 8 pm.

The next morning we woke up early, took a walk on the beach, ate breakfast, changed into our swimsuits and laid out towels to "save our chairs" on the beach and by the pool. We went back and forth between 8-10 am between the pool and beach, see I love the beach and watching the ocean but my husband loves the pool.

After much back and forth he gave me my way, even after noticing the peddlers on the beach, but I of course insisted it was safe we were at the resort beach, there were people and kids everywhere.

From 10am to 1 pm we laid watching the ocean, the beach bar opened at ten, my husband had three tap beers ordered directly from the beach bar, I had two Mohito's again ordered at the beach bar. At about 1 pm a couple from the resort made small talk with us, they mentioned they had four daughters and were from Oregeon, she had just turned the big 50. She was a hairdresser and he worked for the electric company. We chatted with this couple, for about thirty minutes and had another drink, again from the beach bar.

I remember standing there talking, thinking "I needed to use the restroom", and looking up at the sky and seeing big spots of black. In my lifetime, I have never went unconscious, I have never blacked out, but somehow I knew at this moment this was happening to me. I remember excusing myself to the people I was speaking to and walking over to my husband and telling him something was wrong and we needed to go.

And then just like that Nothing, it went black......

I recall my body on a cold tile floor viciously vomiting, in and out of what has to be consciousness, I remember the bottom of the shower and the water hitting my head. I remember thinking I must be dying, and feeling as if I could not get out of whatever state of mind I was in, I had never known this and I was scared. I felt a fear I have never known, but then that feeling would go away to nothing and then fear again and more vomiting. It was like the nightmare you have and you keep waiting to wake up from, I remember thinking how could I let this happen to me , where am I.

And then just like that I woke up as quickly and abruptly as I had went out, my husband had jumped up from the bed screaming...... "oh my god"..... "what happened to us"....... "my hand is broke"....... "we had to of been drugged"....... "we lost time"...... "where is our stuff"........ "get up we have to get up" it was 6:30 we lost five hours of time.

Groggy I tried to get up but could not I was able to move to the couch and sobbed, I felt as if I had just been terrorized but did not know how and by who. My husband ran down to the beach to find our stuff and look for the couple we had been talking with earlier. Our stuff was there, but he recognized no one we had seen hours earlier.

We spent the night comparing what we remembered, we both loose memory at the same point, the moment where I knew I was going to black out. We have no memory of how we got to our room, who was with us, why we lost consciousness. We relived the days events trying to figure out at what point we went wrong or by who we were targeted. I had remember my husband mentioning the peddlers several times that day concerned that they kept starring at us, I also recall the couple who made small talk with us happened to be drinking the same things we were, the bartenders never seemed quite happy, and not once since the moment we arrived did I see anyone from security, in fact it seemed odd that anyone could walk from the beach up to the hotel, now looking back anything could seem out of place.

My husband went to the concierge and told her what happened and that we had to of been drugged she insisted she has never heard of that before, but she would send in housekeeping. He showed her his hand, it was clearly broken, she explained that we could go to the medical center but we would have to bring cash. We searched all of our belongings everything was in tact, any valuables had been locked in our safe, however there was one thing missing that we never found and that was our room key.

I will never forget the sounds of the housekeeper cleaning up the vomit in our room, I laid covered up but so cold on the couch crying, not wanting her to see me, ashamed of whatever just happened. We were guilt stricken, I knew we came close to something evil, we were grateful to be alive, but filled with fear not knowing who did this to us.

We stayed in the room all night and slept, the next day we were like zombies completely numb, my husbands right hand was unusable. We called out travel agent who contacted Apple (Amstar) so we could report what happened. Amstar's response was to bring cash and go to the medical center for his hand and would never acknowledge the accusations of being drugged.

We anxiously awaited for the moment we would board our plane and hit US soil to have that feeling of safety in our own country, we felt unsafe and as if we were a liability for this resort. We returned home and my husband went to the hospital his hand is broke, the doctor said the only way to cause a break like his was to have hit someone or something very hard making a fist.

I write this not to scare you but as a warning, this just happened to us days ago, it was horrific and hard to mentally process, this should not happen to anyone. We did not feel safe calling the Mexico Police and the hotel and Apple (Amstar) ignored any accusations of being drugged. The scary part is when something happens to you in another country you are not safe, there was no one to tell and no one would listen. We took precautions, to ensure our safety and we assumed that the five star resort we stayed with had all guests safety as a top priority. I assumed that traveling with a company like Apple (Amstar) we were safe but sadly we were not.

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Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #1353008

I also was drugged at the pool bar of the Iberostar Paraiso Maya in 2013.After I had just one drink, I told my husband I was not feeling well.

My husband had to carry me back to our room because I was unable to walk or talk. I was in bed for the rest of the day, totally out of it. My husband could not understand how I was so incapacitated after just one drink. We always suspected I had been drugged.

Now that I have started to read similar stories, I know I was drugged.It is such a shame because we loved vacationing in Mexico.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #1275824

Can you please reach out to me as this happened to my friends daughter. thank you.

to rosie Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #1350119

Rosie, Can you please contact me?I am a reporter with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel following up on what's been happening at the resort in Playa del Carmen.

My direct line is 414-224-2778.Thanks!

to Anonymous Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, United States #1350232

I was drugged at the pool bar of this same resort back in 2013.Quite the story but my wife & I are certain I was drugged.

Police will do nothing about this in Mexico as it certainly looks like too much boooze and sun.But, I can assure you, that was not the case in my situation and I'll bet you it was not the case for the others as well.

to Anonymous Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #1352752

We stayed at this hotel in March and I've always suspected that something was put in my daughters drink but it never dawned on me that it could have been someone from the resort.

Naples, Florida, United States #1186982

Why not have them call the police? Probably too much sun and drink too close together.

Figueira Da Foz, Coimbra, Portugal #1186974

That´s a whole lot of drinks that early in the morning, guys...Were you robbed?

Your stuff was in the same place... I mean why on earth would someone drug you; just for fun??

Never heard of such a thing...I´ll be in Mexico, again, next month.

to Anonymous #1349897

Similar story to this here and I found one on trip advisor. http://www.jsonline.com/story/news/2017/07/12/wisconsin-family-questions-daughters-mysterious-drowning-mexico/469647001/

to Anonymous #1350221

My husband caught a man trying to put pills in our drinks at the club in Iberostar Paraiso Maya. This type of thing definitely happens there. Seasoned drinkers don't pass out from 3 or so drinks in the afternoon....


My wife and I experienced very close to the same thing.They suggested we try Mamma Wanna because that was their country drink or something.

That stuff is very evil and we had very bad dreams and passed out like you guys did.

We both woke up the next day wondering what exactly had happened.One thing I know we will never do again is, Mamma Wanna.

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